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Dreaming Goddess of Malta

Home-Study Courses

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Our correspondence school offers several comprehensive programs of study in a variety of esoteric subjects.

Lessons emphasize basic skills and revealing of inner knowledge through hands-on experience, meditations and exercises. Coursework is both experiential and academic in nature.

Progress in this mystery school is measured by the student herself - through recognition of those spontaneous initiations and experiences attained while communing with the Inner Self and Goddess-within. You are encouraged to discover more about yourself, while at the same time, honoring and deepening your relationship with Deity.

(White Buffalo Woman)

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Learning on All Levels

Our curriculum blends insight and knowledge: each lesson presents complete information on the subject matter, as well as fosters awareness on an intuitive level through specific exercises and meditations. We respect your inner wisdom and our courses provide various means to access this in a healthy and balanced manner.

All Goddesses, Gods and pantheons are honored here, and you are encouraged to incorporate your own personal tradition into your study with us. Our Temple does not teach a specific religion or highlight any particular deity; it is a teaching center that focuses on the spiritual and intuitive arts as they specifically relate to the Divine Feminine. Our courses are an eclectic blend of various metaphysical, spiritual and earth-centered principles, with a concentration on the core elements often found in ancient mystery schools.

Our temple program is arranged into six Realms of study. You can read more about them by following the "Realms" link below. Or, click here to request an enrollment guide.