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Realms of the Goddess

Seshet, Goddess of Knowledge & Writing

Each program of study in our Temple is called a Realm. The courses in each Realm include information on the subject theme, as well as exercises, assignments and meditations for the student to perform. With each, students are given the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they relate to the Universe: as within, so without.

Each Realm contains three courses, supplementary materials and a meditation/ritual completion assignment. All of the lessons are self-directed and developed to provide a deeper connection between the student and her/his Inner Self. Realms are taken in the order listed below, unless otherwise noted. Each takes approximately four months to complete, but the student may take as long as necessary. Once a Realm is completed, the student submits their course answers for review. A certificate is then issued and the next Realm may be taken. Our Realms are completely self-contained with no further books or materials required.

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(Seshat, Goddess of Knowledge & Writing)

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Walk the Realms of the Goddess

Realm of Self: Know Thyself is the guiding principle behind all of our teachings. The courses in this Realm concentrate on developing the inner gifts that may only be obtained by descending deeply into your Inner Self and claiming personal spiritual empowerment. It helps you to personalize the basic elements of meditation, creative imaging and ritual, in order to discover your role as a co-creator with the Goddess. Completion certificate: "Self Realm-Walker."

Realm of Sacred Balance: Walking in Balance is a principle that we strongly endorse throughout our courses as well. This Realm allows you to examine all aspects of your life - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - and bring harmony to each one. You will fully explore the subtle body system, psychic well-being techniques and the concept of Sacred Balance. Completion certificate: "Sacred Balance Realm-Walker."

Realm of the Earth Allies: This Realm continues your inner journey through interaction with the various Worlds of Nature. You will visit these worlds and meet natural allies of minerals, plants and animals that exist around and within. You are encouraged to interact with Nature in a manner that balances respect with gratitude for the many gifts that the Earth allies bestow. Completion certificate: "Elemental Realm-Walker."

Realm of the Sun: This Solar realm introduces you to the Elemental Powers and how they have their expression around you and within you. The seasonal dance of the Earth Mother and the Sun God is fully explored as you learn about the sacred Wheel of the Year and in particular, how you relate to it on a personal level. Ultimately, the Divine Couple within is revealed. Completion certificate: "Solar Realm-Walker."

Realm of the Moon: This Realm encompasses intuitive dreams and visions. You will interact with the faces of the Moon and how Her powers wax and wane within you. These courses allow you to discover your Hidden Self through the Lunar mirror. You will also explore the dominion of the Triple Goddess and discover a hidden side to Her as well. Completion certificate: "Lunar Realm-Walker."

Realm of Dedication: We offer this Realm specifically for those who wish to study and formally dedicate themselves to a Goddess(es) of their choice through a personalized ceremony. This is primarily written as a Priestess preparation course, but it may be adapted to take the form that is best for the student. Also, please know that the ritual at the end of this Realm does not confer a legal ordination. (Members who wish to be legally ordained ministers may apply to an organization that offers this, such as the ULC.) Two completion certificates: 1) "Dedication Realm-Walker" and 2) a certificate specific to the student's Goddess and personal dedication - for example: "Priestess of Yemaya", or "Oracle of Athena". (This Realm may be taken at any time after the first two Realms are complete.)

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