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Temple of Learning ~ Enrollment Information

The Goddess Hecate of the Crossroads

Thank you for your interest in our home-study school. Please know that in 2020 we consolidated 'In Her Name' with our sister-center, the Crossroads Lyceum/FOI. This resulted in being able to offer the same program of study as before, with the addition of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy and degree systems. (Performing the FOI rituals and declaring FOI degrees is not required to take the core coursework.)

The Fellowship of Isis is a multi-religious fellowship that honors the Goddess in Her many forms and all pantheons. You may read more about it on our Lyceum website: http://www.crlyceum.com

If you are interested in receiving an Enrollment Guide, please email us and include a brief introduction. You must be at least 21 years of age to enroll. Our email address is:

please type this address into your email program
(InHerName (at) Gmail.com)

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(Hekate, Torchbearing Goddess of the Crossroads)

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