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Dreaming Goddess of Malta

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Temple at Ephesos/Ephesus

You will find a little bit of everything here: photos of ancient temples, shrines, altars and earth sites, all considered sacred to the Goddess.

We deliberately kept these pages simple with photographs only, in order so you may quietly reflect and feel your own connection with the site. We encourage you to further research the details for those that speak to you.

We are currently working on expanding this section of our site. If you would like to suggest a favorite Goddess site or share your photos, please contact us.



Photos: Goddess Temples, Shrines & Altars


Asia: South

India/Calcutta: Kali Temple of Dakshineswar
Nepal/Manakamana: Temple of Bhagwati
Nepal: Temple of Muktinath
Tibet/Mt. Kailash: Sipaimen

Asia: Southeast

Bali: Dewi Danu


Dendera: Hathor Temple

Europe: Eastern

Europe: Northern

Frauenberg, Austria: Isis-Noreia

Europe: Southern

Greece/Athens: Parthenon
Greece/Delphi: Tholos Temple
Greece: Mt. Olympus
Italy/Assisi: Temple of Minerva
Italy/Paestum: Temple of Hera
Italy/Rome: Umbilicus Urbis
Malta: Neolithic Temples
Turkey/Caria: Aphrodisias Temple

Europe: Western

Belgium: Black Virgin of Halle
England/Bath: Sulis Minerva Temple
England/Cornwall: Men-an-tol Stone
England/Carrawburgh: Coventina's Well
England/Chester: Minerva Shrine
England/Wiltshire: Silbury Hill
Ireland: Newgrange
S. Wales/Caerleon: Nemesis Shrine


Mt. Fuji: Konohanasakuya-hime
Itsukushima/Miyajima: Goddesses of the Sea

Goddess Studies & Priestess Training

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