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The names of the Goddesses on this page originate from the country of China.







Goddess Names:

Bai Mundan - White Peony
Baiji - The White Hen
Ch'ang-O, Heng-O - Lady Good , Lady Beautiful
Chih-nii - Heavenly Weaver-Girl
Happiness Chiut'ien Hsuan-nu - Dark Maiden from the Ninth Heaven
Cuisheng Sheng Mu - The Saintly Mother Who Hastens Childbirth
Edji - Mother
Feng Po - Mistress Wind
Ge Gu - Wise Lady Ge
Guiling Shenamu - Saintly Mother Turtle
Guanyin - She Who Hears the Cries of the World
Gum Lin - Self-Esteem
He Ku - Immortal of the Waters
Ho Hsien-ku - Immortal Damsel Ho
Hoy Kong - The Empress
Hsi Wang Mu - Queen Mother of the West
Hu Tu - Empress Earth
Huang - The Phoenix
Hsi Wang Mu Jiutian Houmu - Empress Mother of Heaven
Jiutinana Xuannu - Dark Maiden
Mazu (Matsu) - Mother Ancestor
Matou Niang - Horse-Headed Dame
Meng Jiangnu - Pumpkin Girl
Meng Po Niangniang - Lady Meng
Mo Bo - Maternal Goddess
Niu She - Literary Woman
Nts'ai Hwa - Girl Cloud
Nu She - Female Snake Charm
Nugua - Restorer of Cosmic Equilibrium
Nujiao - Mother Stone
Nuwa - Snail Maid
Pa - Dryness
Pai Mu-tan - White Peony
Pi-Hsia-Yuan-Chun - Princess of Streaky Clouds
Qi Guzi - Seven Young Ladies
Randeng - Burning Lamp
San Furen - Three Matrons
Saoqing Niang - Broom Lady
Seng-ge Karmo - White Lioness
Sheng-Mu - Holy Mother
Songzi Guanyin - Dispenser of Fecundity
Tian Hou - Queen of Heaven
Tien Mu - Mother Lightening
Ts'uai-shen Niang Niang - Matron Who Hastens Childbirth
Tui - Goddess of Joy
Wang-Mu Yiang-Yiang - Queen Mother Wang
Ch'ang-O Wenchen - White Dolma, White Tara
Xi Hou - Mother of Ten Suns
Xing - Pottery Seller
Xing Mu - Holy Mother
Xiumu Niangniang - Water Mother
Yanguang Pusa - Goddess of the Light of the Eye
Yao Ji - Turquoise Courtesan
Yin - Female Principle
Yimeng Niangniang - Saintly Mother
Yu Nu - Honorable Lady, Jade Lady
Zhinu - Weaving Woman of Heaven, Heavenly Weaver Girl
Zigu Shen - Violet Lady Spirit

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