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Hunza Valley, Pakistan

The Goddess names on this page originate from the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Anatolioa, Arabia, Asia Minor, Babylonia, Bahrain, Chaldea, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mesopatamia, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Persia, Qatar, Saudia Arabia, Sudan, Sumeria, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Ugarit, & Yemen.




Goddess Names:

Abtagigi – She Who Sends Messages of Desire
Adah - Ornament
Adamah - Earth
Adamina – Earth Woman
Adamu – The Red One
Aderenosa – Celestial Virgin
Agasaya – The Shrieker
Agusaya – The Loud Crying One
Aholibah - Tent in Her
Ahurani – She Who Belongs to Ahura
Aima - Mother, Great Mother
Aja – The Unborn, The Bride
Aka - Mother
Ala Nur - Red Light
Aleitheia - Truth, Reality
Al-karisi - Red Woman, Red Mother
Allat - Goddess
Am – Muse, Mother
Ama - Muse Ama Usum Gal Ana – Great Mother Serpent of Heaven
Amadubad – All Mother
Ameretat – Immortality, Long-Life
Amesha Spentas – Immortal Holy Ones
Ana – Spirit of Heaven
Anahit Anael – Angel
Anahita – Without Blemish, Immaculate One
Anat – Lady of Death and Life
Anatu – Ruler of the Earth and Queen of the Sky
Anunit – Heavenly One, Morning Star
Ardat Lili – Belonging to the Night
Arkokhsho – Augmenting Righteousness
Aretia – Earth
Aretz – The Earth
Arinna – Queen of the Hatti
Arisya – Earthy
Armaiti - Devotion
Arsai – Girl of the Earth
Arstat – Truthfulness
Artemis Ephesus – Great, Invincible and Magnificent Founder and Savior, Commander and Guide, Legislator and Queen
Aruru – The Potter
Arusyak – Little Bride
Asherah – Great Mother Goddess, Straight
Ashima – Moon
Ashimbabbar – New Light
Ashish Vanuhi – Good Truth
Ashtart – Goddess of Heaven
Asi – Just Recompense
Astarte – Queen of Heaven, Womb, She of the Womb
Astghik – Little Star
Atargatis - Fish Goddess
Athirat – Lady Who Treads Upon the Sea
Axsti – Victorious Peace
Aya – Bride
Ayish – Great Bear
Baalith – Great Goddess
Baalti – My Lady
Balthi – Queen
Bamya – Dawn
Bathkol – Daughter of a Voice
Bau – Great Mother
Baubo – Lady of Beasts
Belili – Wise Old Lady
Belit – Lady
Belit Ilani – Star of Desire
Belit Seri – Lady of the Underworld
Beltis – Our Lady
Beruth – Mother
Bilit – Mother of the Gods
Binah - Understanding
Briah – The Throne
Broxa – Nightjar
C – Crescent Moon
Cabira – The Cabirian Mother
Chaabou – Earth Mother
Chavah – Mother of All That Lives
Cybele Chiun - Plenty
Chokmah - Wisdom
Cista – Morning Star
Cybele – Great Mother
Daena – That Which Has Been Revealed
Damkina – Mistress of the Earth
Dianoia - Thought, Intention, Meaning
Dido – The Fugitive
Drvaspa – Possessing Sound Horses
Dynamis - Power, Force
Eden – Earth
Elat - Goddess
Ennoia, Ennoe – Designing Thought, Intent
Enthumesis – Consideration, Esteem
Epinoia - Power of Thought, Inventiveness
Ferasti – Teachability
Filia Vocis - Daughter of the [Divine] Voice
Frasasti – Fame
Fravashis – Chosen Ones
Gasmu – Lady of the Ocean, Wise One
Geburah - Severity
Gedulah - Greatness, Majesty
Genea – First Mother of Humanity
Gephen – The Vine
Gestinanna - Lady of the Vine, She Who Keeps Records in the Underworld
Geush Urvan – Soul of the First Ox
Gubarra – Lady of the Mountain
Gulses – Scribes of Fate
Hambarus – House Spirits
Ham-vareti – Morning Mist
Hanata – Warrior
Hannahannas – Mother of the Gods
Haurvatat – Integrity, Health
Hod - Splendor
Huyairya – Good Year
Id – Pure Waters
Inanna – Queen of Heaven
Inaras – Lady of Tarukka
Ininni – Venus
Is – Wish
Ishara – The Scorpion
Ishkhara – The Mother
Ishtar – Queen of the Stars
Iza – Zeal
Jerah – Moon, Bride of the Sun
Kathirat – The Wise Ones
Kattahha – Queen
Khi-dimme –azaga – Child of the Renowed Spirit
Khusareth – Harmony
Ki – Earth
Kimah – The 7 Stars, The Pleiades
Kirisa – The Gilded One
Kista – Religious Knowledge
Kotharat – Daughters of Joyous Song, The Swallows
Lahamu – Primeval Silt
Lama – Lama of the Shield
Lamasthu – Daughter of Heaven
Lilith Lebiyah - Lioness
Leilah - Beauty
Lilitu, Lilith - Night-Hag, Screech Owl, Spirit of the Night
Ma – Lady of Beasts
Malkat-shemen – Queen of Heaven
Malkuth - The Kingdom, Queen
Mami – Mother Womb
Mamitu – Mother of Destinies
Mara – Great Sea, Bitter
Mashyoi – First Woman
Masyanag – Mother of the World
Mummu – Priomordial Mother
Matronethah - The Mother, The Way
Nana - Queen
Nanai – Mistress of the Heavens
Narunte – Sister of the Evil Giver
Nashak – Grandmother
Nathair Parrthuis – The Serpent
Nephesh – Breath of Life
Neshamah – Breath
Netzach - Victory
Ne-zil-la – Abundance
Nikkal – Fruits of the Earth
Nin Ella – Great Lady of the Waters
Nina – Queen of the Waters
Ninazu – Naked Death
Nin-dim – Lady of Procreation
Nin-edin – Lady of the Wasteland
Ningikuga – Lady of the Pure Reeds
Ninhursag - She Who Gives Life to the Dead
Ninkasi – Lady Who Fills the Mouth
Ninkharak – Lady of the Mountain
Nin-kharsak – Mother of the Gods
Nin-ki - Lady Earth
Ninlil – Mistress of Winds
Ninmah – Exalted Lady
Nin-me-sar-ra – Lady of the Universe
Nin-nibru – Lady of Nippur
Ninsar – Goddess Who Gives LifeAnatolian Mother Goddess
Ninsikilla – Pure Lady
Ninsun – Great Queen
Ninti – Lady of the Rib
Nintu – Lady Who Gave Birth
Nintur – Lady of the Womb
Nin-ur – Lady of Ur
Nunbarshegunu – Old Woman
Nutrix – She Who Nourishes
Odatis – Dawn
Parendi – Plenitude
Pessinuntica – Universal Mother
Phlox - Most Vigorous Flame
Phronesia - Purpose, Practical Wisdom
Pidrai – Maiden of Light
Qlippoth – The Nightmares
Rasastat – The Right Course
Rata – The Bountiful
Razishta Cista – Instruction
Ri – Light
Rubati – Lady of the Gods
Rusa - Good Fortune
Sadarnuna – New Moon
Sadwes – Maiden of Light
Sala – Light
Samai – Heaven
Sapas – Torch of the Gods
Saps – Light of the Gods
Sarbanda – Queen of the Bow
Sarpanitu – Silvery Bright One
Sartiyas – Queen of Katapa
Sasura – Protector of the Fetus
Sauska – She Who is Armed
Seimia – Star of Babylon
Sephira - Divine Intelligence
Shala – Compassionate Virgin
Shalimtum – Twilight
Shapash – Torch of the Gods
Shekinah - Brightness, Dwelling
Sheve – Death
Shutu – South Wind
Siduri - Young Woman
Sige - Silence, Secrecy
Silili – Divine Mare
Siris – Lady of Rain and Clouds
Sophia – Wisdom
Spenta Armaiti – Divine Piety, Bountiful Devotion
Taauth – The Great Lady
Talay – Dew
Tanith – Great Mother
Taromati – ContemptLion at Ishtar's Gate
Tashmit - Hearing
Tebunah - Understanding, Insight
Telita – Queen of the Moon
Thalassa – The Sea
Thitmanat – The Eighth One
Tiamat – Bitter Ocean
Tigranuhi – Darkness
Tihamtu – The Sea
Tillili – Primordial Earth
Tiphereth - Magnificence
Tres Mariae – The Three Mothers
Upanayana – Tradition
Uthht – Incense Burner
Virgo Caelestis - Heavenly Maiden
Yechidah – Unique
Yesod - Foundation
Zamyad – The Earth
Zarpandit – Shining Silver, Seed-maker
Zertur – Young Maiden
Zib – Evening Star
Zicum – Primordial Abyss
Zigarun – Mother Who Begot Heaven and Earth
Zoe – Means of Life

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