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Italy/Rome: Umbilicus Urbis

Umbilicus Urbis
photo by Lylum, courtesy Wiki Commons

Entrance to the Umbilicus Urbis

The Mundus Cerialis (the world of Ceres) is an underground vault in Rome that was sealed by a stone lid the majority of the year. On August 24th, October 5th and November 8th, it was opened for offerings to be made to various Deities, incl...uding Ceres, and to allow the spirits to rise and wander in the world of the living for the day. The rites held during the Mundus Cerialis acknowledged the Goddess Ceres as Her role as the fruitful earth, guardian of seed-corn and guardian of underworld portals.

The Umbilicus Urbis (navel of the city) may have been part of the underground Mundus structure. It is the symbolic center of Rome.



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